Saturday, February 15, 2014

Life Update

Hello everyone. I just wanted to write a quick note about my absence. I have taken the past month or so to reevaluate my life, my relationships, my goals, etc. Lucky for me, I have been sick quite often so I had the time to do all this. :) Without going into any specifics, I am glad and extremely happy to say that I have been able to let go of everything that has been causing me anxiety or unhappiness.  Decluttering isn't only for objects- it's for everything in your life. I know suffering and struggling are important parts of life yet during such times, reevaluating your life is equally as important. I am just happy to say that I am in a more stable and peaceful place than I was months ago. That said, I hope to resume posting on a regular basis soon. I have lots of awesome projects that I have completed during my time off and lots of ideas that I want to try out- can't wait to share them with you!!

Hope you are having a blessed day.