Sunday, February 16, 2014

Travel Pill Case

 I am lucky enough to not have to take medication on a regular basis but I do like to carry some sort of pain reliever with me in case that time of the month decides to body slam me. So when I came across this ADORABLE travel pill capsule at The Container Store, I couldn't resist buying it! It's portable and actually fairly sturdy. It firmly closes but also easily opens when pressure is applied. It is small enough for my needs and is easily recognizable in my bag. I can even see this capsule being useful during vacations in addition to everyday use.

Isn't it adorable? A pill shaped pill case. The
Container Store has a variety of color
combinations, I liked this one the best
because it seemed the most calmest to me.
An upcoming post will show how I
organize this pill capsule in my bag,
so stay tuned. :)
The Container Store has 2 sizes- I picked
the smaller one. It comfortably fits four Aleve
 liquid gels, which is all that I need. 
The only thing that worries me is the badly
painted interior. I hope the paint doesn't
chip off and stick to my pills. On a side note,
does metal affect medication? It is safe to cary pills
in metal containers, painted or not?
Let me know if you know anything about that. 
Do you carry medication with you? How do you store your to-go medication?


  1. How stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not so creative. When I travel I tend to either use a sandwich bad (short trips) or small empty pill jars (long trips).

    1. I love tiny pouches and cases to carry my things in. :) That's very smart and economical to use empty pill jars on long trips. :)