Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 6: Simplicity Challenge

Clear out your linen closet!

We all have one, or a variety of it, and rarely think to declutter it. Linen closets usually become catch it all closets with towels, beach towels, medicine, sheets, blankets, gift wrapping, etc cluttering up the space. Let's fix that today. Here's how:

1. Separate all items by categories. Go through all your items and toss/donate damaged or unused blankets, towels, sheets, table cloths, etc. If you don't have twin beds, then toss those twin sets. Keep only what is necessary. If you have a family of 2 there is no need to have 20 towels! (I know people like the three sizes of towels and different towels for seasons but really evaluate whether you need that).
If you have medicine in your linen closet make sure you responsibly trash expired and non used medicine. If you have packing supplies and gift wrapping supplies, I suggest you store them on the door. The Chronicles of Home has an awesome article on this! Check it out!!!

2. Those things that you will keep must now have a home. Your closet might have non-linen items in it, that's fine. My family doesn't have the luxury to have a separate linen closet, so we have to consolidate space. Consolidating does NOT mean you have to over crowd or operate in a cluttered space. Analyze what types of non-linen items can be moved to other practical spaces in your house. If some non-linen items must stay in your linen closet, that's fine. We can work with that- all you need to measure your closet length, depth, and width to find baskets to store your items. If you need more shelves consider installing shelves or rearranging the shelves in your closet (you will have to use a drill).

3. Once you have found your baskets begin placing like items in baskets. Queens sheets should all go in one basket and full into another. Fold all sheets and place them into corresponding pillow cases and then into the baskets.

Fold towels into squares or roll them up and store them in a basket. Different size towels should go into different baskets.

Blankets are heavier and should be stored on a lower shelf. I personally like blankets to be in a tall basket on the floor.

Table cloths and napkins should be stored together in sets.

Beach towels and beach/picnic blankets I store on the highest shelf because they are seasonal items.

If you have medicine, also store that in a sealed basket on the highest shelf so children cannot reach them.

If you store extra toiletries in your linen closet, group them and store them in baskets on the second highest shelf.

Make sure not to over crowd your shelves AND baskets. And to finish off, label everything! Tada!

Side note: I don't actually believe in linen closets. I very much believe in logically uses spaces- take into account location when contemplating function. Ideally, I would store bath towels in a bathroom closet, bed sheets and blankets in a bed trunk at the food of each respective bed, table cloths in a dining room cabinet, and beach towels and blankets in a garage or mud room. Everything is where it should be. But we don't all have that space. :)

Happy decluttering!

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