Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 5: Simplicity Challenge


We use it every single day and yet, we rarely think to clean it or clear it out. Our fridges are really a modern marvel! They keep food fresh for so much longer and allow us to have a little grocery store right in our own kitchens! We must show such amazing technology love but cleaning it out regularly! 

Before I start, I would really lol to share a few stories! I remember once wanting to make crepes on a Sunday and enjoying them with lots of berries! As I started mixing ingredients together I reached into the fridge to grab the pint of milk only to realize that someone used the milk and put the bottle back on the fridge! You can imagine how upset I was! Another time I wanted to make a fig jam sandwich (you'll all soon realize how deeply my love for sandwiches runs) and when I pulled out the jam jar from the fridge I realized it was spoiled!!!! So disappointing! This could have ALL been avoided if we cleared out our fridge regularly! 

This is what I suggest you do today. Take out ALL the contents of your fridge. From those figure out what is expired and what you don't eat so that you can toss those. Be realistic-do you need 7 bottles of hot sauce?! Anything  that stays whip it down and place it on a kitchen counter. 

Next, clean your fridge. This is going to be heavy duty work. Take out all shelves and bins and wash them with warm soapy water. Clean the interior of your fridge with warm soapy water and use baking soda and vinegar on tough stains. Once to rinse the inside of your fridge and pay it dry, reassemble the shelves and bins. 

Finally, fill your fridge with the contents that you decided to keep. Make sure you put all dairy and meat products towards the back of the fridge because that's the coldest spot. Vegetables and fruits should be kept towards the front of the fridge so that they don't get too cold and can better circulate. (I might do a post on how to best store veggies and fruits). Place your condiments in the door shelves and complete organizing your fridge.

There you go, you've de cluttered your fridge. I suggest whipping down your fridge every week and deep cleaning, like today, every month. Don't forget to toss expired foods!!! 

Enjoy your clean fridge!! 


  1. Ah, the dreaded fridge! I've been meaning to get this done for some time. If I may make another suggestion: I live in a rather short family, and the last time someone decided to reorganize the fridge, this person decided to put the meat drawer on the topmost shelf. I have been standing on my tippy toes trying to see the contents of the drawer and pulling the entire drawer out to rummage for my sandwich materials for the past few months.... and it is getting old. When putting your fridge back together after a good cleaning, remember to put it together logically! Very helpful post Taguk mook!

    1. I obviously blame it on Mayo Hair! Also, another important part about reorganizing your fridge is making sure not to over crowd your fridge. Over crowding looks cluttered and, worse, encourages clutter. :)