Monday, November 25, 2013

Keychain Bigger Than Your Head?

Keychains are great! The little charms and trinkets that we attach to our keys help demonstrate our interests and personalities, as well as help us easily locate our keys. That's if you moderate the amount of charms you have! If your keys look like a ball of charms, you might have an issue. How are you supposed to use your keys if you can't find them in that mess! Keep yourself to one or two charms.
These charms are pretty awesome but if they were all on
your keychain, you'd have a hard time finding your keys!

Also, only keep keys that you use. No need to keep keys that you don't use. If you moved houses and still have those house keys, get rid of them. Why clutter your keychain with keys to a house that you don't even have access to?! Same thing with other keys. If you broke up with a partner whose keys you had, give them back or get rid of them. If your bike was stolen or you longer ride a bike but still have the key to the bike lock, get rid of it or give the lock and key to someone else. Keep only what you use.
Very few people can justify
having this many keys and unfortunately,
or maybe fortunately,
you are probably not one of them.

The last point I am going to make is about those key ring reward cards. Most stores that offer these cards have your information saved on their system, all you need to do is provide your email address/phone number to use your card. So basically, no need to keep the card on your keys. Don't hang them on your keychain unless your account can't be accessed through the company's system.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Just in case you were wondering, this is what my keys look like:
Simple but still descriptive of me. 
These are my keys- building key, apartment key, mail key, and a matryoshka key charm. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with nesting dolls, thus the little matryoskha. :) I am considering getting key sleeves. Key covers protect your keys and help distinguish them if they are similar.

Aren't these the cutest key covers?! CUPPIECAKES!!!!

Now I want a cupcake. *Rummages through the fridge.* Ok bye, good luck with downsizing your keychain.


  1. My parents have several sets of key chains: one with the house keys, one with keys for an old car, one with keys for storage units and garages, and one with card-tags for shopping. What could we ever do with all of these? I want to just chuck three of them in a drawer.

    1. It's frustrating isn't it. Keys laying around everywhere, and such a large amount of them, is annoying. But don't chuck them in a drawer and forget about them. Your parents have actually started off correctly. Separating keys by purpose is a great idea! Let's take your case as an example. All you'll need are a few key tags and a small box. If those keys have any charms or additives on them, remove them. This is about efficiency.
      1. Your parents should keep their house keys on them, obviously. If you have keys to houses that you own but don't use regularly or rent, keep those on a separate chain with the address of the house on the key tag. Place those keys in that small box I suggested you get.
      2. If you have multiple cars that you use, again keep those keys on you. If you have cars you don't use, consider selling them. However, in the case you don't want to sell them, keep those keys in the same small box as above.
      3. If you have storage units and garages that you utilize, again, attach a key tag to each key, and label the tag with the address and a contact phone number for the storage garage. Keep those keys in that small box. If you access the garage often, several times a week, then by all means keep this on your main keychain with your house keys.
      4. Keep all these keys, and spare house keys, in that tiny box (look for a box with a lid). If you have a table with a drawer near your front entrance, place it there. You can even put that box on top of the fridge, whatever works for you. Again, leaving these keys at home might not work for you. Sometimes it's better to keep these keys in your car if you are forgetful as that provides easy access and you don't have to actively think about remembering your "extra" keys.
      3. As for those pesky card-tags, I would suggest throwing them out. If not, place them in your car, or drawer near the front entrance if more than one person uses the tags.

      Ta-da! Now your family won't have to look at those unsightly keys, which I bet you guys rarely use, or become frustrated when they can't find them because they have a home in that box!