Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 4: Simplicity Challenge

Throw Away Newspapers and Magazines

You're at the midway point or challenge hump day! You are halfway there, don't give up! Today we address the stacks of unused or old newspapers and magazines. I love print media, but not so much that I would let those products clutter my house. Purge your mags and papers!

1. Collect all your newspapers. Pick up the most recent paper and throw the rest away! Trust me, you will not have time to catch up or read all the others. You just won't! If you want to keep an article, clip it. Or if you want to keep a specific date because it showcases important news, fine keep it but STORE IT away. Otherwise, you should be left with today's paper. Everything else in the recycling! Put this paper somewhere it will be read.

2. Collect all your magazines and divide them by category (if you have many) or by magazine name. Pick the latest (that month's edition) magazines out of each category and trash the rest. If you like an article or an ad in a magazine that has to go, clip it and save it somewhere. If you , say work in fashion, obviously you can take these rules more loosely. For the rest of us, stick with the "one in, one out" rule and keep these magazines where they will be read, such as bathrooms, living rooms, etc. For every magazine in each category that comes in, another has to come out. If you have 50 magazines total, maybe you should consider cutting down on your subscriptions....

Aren't you glad you got rid of all those newspapers and magazines. Continue to keep only the most recent magazines and papers and your piles will never get out of hand.

Any remarkable success stories? Send them in, I'd love to share them here on my blog!


  1. I had to trash a large number of magazines that I had stored and cataloged not too long ago. My father and I belonged to a car club that published a very nice ni-monthly magazine, so we purchased binders and kept near every issue for years beginning in the late 1990s. Then recently I found these magazines, long after ceasing to hold membership in the club, and had to sort through them all to figure out exactly which ones were still worth keeping. I have a lot more space in my file cabinet now.

    Thanks Taguk Mook!

    1. Yaye!!!! Great job!!!! :) Now that you have this free space, remember that there is NO rush to fill it up! :)