Saturday, October 19, 2013

15 Things You (Probably) Have Never Cleaned

When we clean we usually clean with the big picture in mind, but sometimes we forget the not so obvious spots or things. Next time you clean try hitting up these 15 spots.

1. Dusting wall decorations, whether it be picture frames, clocks, or shelves.
2. Disinfect points of contact (doorknobs, switches, handles, etc).
3. Clean remote controls.
4. Clean phones and charging stations.
5. Clean the filters (e.g. AC's and vacuum cleaners) and vents.
6. Clean baseboards.
7. Dust plant leaves (real and fake).
8. Clean behind the fridge and oven (if they move).
9. Dust the top of cabinets, bookcases, and tall dressers.
10. Clean doors, internal and external.
11. Clean windows and window sills.
12. Wipe down wires of all electronics and appliances (make sure everything is plugged off and you are using a dry cloth).
13. Dust the top of books and DVDs (you'd be surprised how dusty these get).
14. Wipe down the inside of drawers and any separators in drawers.
15. Wipe down makeup cases.

Happy cleaning! 

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