Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hello my dear friends,

First and foremost, WELCOME to Chaos Free. *hug*

My name is Taguk Mook (not exactly- it's a childhood nickname that has stuck...at least it's better than some other nicknames that I have had such as Blinchik, Russian for crêpe/pancake haha). Embarrassing nicknames aside, I am so glad you are here and interested in ridding yourself of chaos! I hope to inspire you to implement some of my tips and tricks for becoming organized and clutter-free. Yes, it is possible!

The vision behind this blog is fostered by my fascination with entropy and my philosophy towards life, which I attribute to my wonderful sister. We live in an antithetical world- it is full of disorder  and yet we have a disposition for trying to make sense of it by simplifying the complex chaos! My philosophy, therefore, is already inherent to us- habituated simplicity is best. A life conditioned to choose simplicity, not a whimsical flirtation with it, is one that is far more happier. Simplicity is relative for everyone, so this might mean living off the grid with no possessions to some or just cutting down on possessions and getting orderly. Wherever you find yourself on this spectrum, you must always actively choose to get rid of the clutter and chaos to live a freer and simpler life. I hope this philosophy is able to manifest itself in your life through my thoughts on this blog and affect you in ways that help you live a more fulfilling life.

Theorizing to the side (and taking my own advice), I am here to share my thoughts on organization and helping you live in your spaces more efficiently and freely! LET'S DO IT!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again when I begin more substantive posting!

Tune in soon for a two part series on tackling mail, electronic and snail mail. 

Lots of hugs,
Taguk Mook

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