Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 2: Simplicity Challenge

Welcome to day 2! This is probably my most favorite task! Let's organize our bags!!!!!!!!

Bag Organization

We all have them and we all use them. Every time I head to buy groceries I get at least 4 plastic bags and if I buy clothing or shoes I always get a shopping bag! I can't run away from bags! Year ago, our under the sink cabinet was just full of bags. All colors, shapes, sizes, materials, etc. We used (and still use) most of the bags as trash bags so we never gave their storage much thought. If they are going to exit your house, what's the point of organizing them?! Boy were we wrong! One day we discovered we had a leaky pipe and that all of our bags were soaked in water  and covered in rust. After cleaning up the leaky mess we decided to control our bag situation. Here's how we did it:

1. Buy/reuse a basket to place in the cabinet's under your sink. Use this basket to store plastic bags. When you come home with plastic bags, knot each once and stick in the basket. You can use these bags for trash- you'll never have to buy garbage bags again!

2. Paper bags, which are not damaged, should be neatly folded and kept in a largish shopping bag. These are useful for say sending packaged food out of the house with guests, for storing paper to be recycled, or packing presents. Whatever your use, make sure to keep all paper bags together and in a dry nonflammable place.

3. Store reusable shopping bags in a tote or container. If you drive keep these in your trunk. If you use public transportation keep one foldable bag in your purse and the rest near the door so you can grab and go.

Voila, it's that simple! Send me before and after pictures of your bag organization.


  1. I find the plastic bags useful if one has a pet (hint hint). Paper bags though are not very usable for other purposes. Some stores like Target are now selling re-usable bags for $1 which fold up small and they give you five cents off per use. Might be a good way to de-clutter at no cost.

    1. Yes, re-usable bags come in a variety of fabrics, shapes, styles, patterns, etc. Did you know that San Fran charges- I don't remember how much- for every plastic bag that you use. Everyone there carries re-usable bags. Pretty nifty.