Saturday, October 26, 2013

Can't Stop Procrastinating?

Ever find yourself procrastinating? Can't seem to start anything or finish anything? Procrastinating is basically delaying decisions and thus postponing actions. Beat your procrastination with this motivational exercise!

Pick 7 things you want to get accomplished. These activities shouldn't be massive- something realistic and accomplishable in a day. If it's something you have been putting off, write it down! I, for example, would pick:

1. Schedule doctor's appointment
2. Clean through makeup
3. Clear out closet for donation items (I don't have much to give away, thus this is a sensible choice for this exercise)
4. Create E-bay account and post items to sell (This might be ambitious- I might only take pictures of the items that I want to sell and create an account later)
5. Finish my book and order new book I want to read
6. Buy skirt hangers
7. Get started on my special case project by contacting lady to get her contact information

Once you have your 7 tasks or activities, write each on a separate piece of paper/sticky notes. Find yourself a hat, vase, box, or any kind of container and put these papers in there. Every morning pick out one task, at random, from the container and make that your goal for the day. One task is much simpler to complete and will make you less likely to procrastinate. Completing even one simple task makes you feel accomplished and eager to feel that sense of achievement again! Try it for 1 week and, if you like the results, try this exercise for a whole month! You need not have 30/31 tasks, but a few to get you started because you can always add more tasks as you go! For now, try the 7 day task exercise and see how far you get and if you feel motivated to keep completing tasks.

Wish you luck!


  1. That is very clever! I will definitely have to try this method out to help keep my procrastination in check.... but I'll try it tomorrow ;)