Friday, January 10, 2014

Make Use Of Your Mementos

.Beautiful memory box

I am often told that the reason why people have so much clutter is because they like to keep sentimental objects or souvenirs of their memories. Physical objects can help us relive certain memories by acting like reminders. Keeping mementos is alright as long as you realize that holding on to too much of the past can prohibit us from living the future. I like to limit the number of keepsakes I have by containing everything in a keepsake box, but that is not what today's post is about. Today I want you to actually use those objects and remember your memories instead of tucking them away in a box that is often forgotten.

Memories are not meant to be boxed up, you should constantly see them. That's why we keep what we keep- to remind us of happy or memorable times. It is time to unleash these memories. Much of my mementos are paper/cards/letters therefore they make the perfect tool for what I am about to suggest. Instead of stuffing happy memories into a box, I like to give them a second purpose. I like to use my paper mementos as bookmarks. Every time I open my book I remember that specific happy memory and I instantly feel better. I think this is a wonderful way to integrate the past with the present. Try it out yourself!
This bookmark is actually a pass from a house and garden tour of Dumbarton Oaks,
Washington, DC. I went on a tour of the gardens and have fond memories of that day.
I use it as my bookmark and am delighted every time I see it. I also use photos, letters,
cards, tickets, or any paper memory as bookmarks. It's wonderful to be greeted by a
 memory every time you open your book to read. 

How are you ingratiating your keepsakes into your everyday life?


  1. Shamefully, they are all in boxes under my bed! I guess I could use certain things, like a railroad ticket to Edinburgh, as a bookmark, but I am not as creative as Taguk Mook.

    1. You most certainly could! I have actually started gluing paper keepsakes into my journal and writing about the day/memory as it happens. Obviously you can't do that with older mementos but at least you can with the newer ones. They'd be nicely tucked into a book and there'd be a sort of caption as well.
      You could also use non-paper mementos, say as paperweights or as decoration (i.g. You went to Rome and bought a local artist's painting- hang it up). After my grandpa passed I wanted to keep his pocket watch and his domino set because that's what really reminds me of him. I hope to use both, not just tuck them away. That said, you can keep most of your mementos in a box, maybe have a rotation system, just don't dump them all out into your house- that'd be very messy.