Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Trash Day Tuesday: Socks

This Tuesday I had planned to write about downsizing Christmas decorations, but then I realized that this year my family didn't decorate so I couldn't actually show you examples of what to do. I thought writing a post without actually doing it myself would lead to inaccuracies. So, here we are today and I am writing about socks instead. Yes, you read correctly- SOCKS! Socks are a must for everyone! Let's tackle that sock drawer today.

Purge //
The first step to clearing out your sock drawer is purging of old, uncomfortable, disliked, or holey socks. I used to keep socks with holes in case I ran out of socks but I quickly realized that made me more self conscious if I had to take my shoes off and sometimes the opening in the sock irritated my skin. Unless it is an absolute must, get rid of socks that are generally considered undesirable.

Categorize //
You are probably getting tired of seeing the same headlines, but that's how organizing works- similar processes for handing all types of situations. You must group your socks into categories. Categories you might have are: trouser socks, gym socks, fuzzy socks, ankle socks, skiing socks, regular socks, etc.

Store //
Storage really depends on your categories and personal taste. I personally just stick all my socks into a drawer after I have balled up each pair. Trouser socks/nylon socks go with other hosiery in my intimates drawer. If I was a heavy duty gymnast, I might have specifically designated socks for gymnastics but since my needs are simple, I only have two categories.

Key Lesson //
The important thing about socks is making sure that the pairs are together and that they are contained in a separate drawer or basket. Socks are so small and numerous that they look messy and easily create disorder. If space is an issue and you are forced to store them with other items then create a CLEAR separation. Get drawer dividers or cloth inserts. Trust me, this will go a long way.

This is what my drawer looks like. Inside, yet it is messy
but this is practical for me. I don't really care what socks
I wear when, so this jumbled "mess" is fine by me.

I could organize my socks by color, as I have done above, or by season-
thin socks for warmer months and thick for colder months.
What do your socks drawers look like? Do you think organizing socks by categories is too tedious of a job or even unrealistic? How do you fold your socks?


  1. I have two drawers: one solely for dress socks and another for "white" socks and t-shirts. I recently tossed many pairs of white socks, not because they had holes but because they lost their cushion, which told me the fabric had weakened and would not protect my feet well.

    1. Wonderful! That is a great way to separate your socks. Yes, I often think we forget that clothing has to go because fabric gets weak, elastic gives in, etc. Sometimes it's best to toss clothing out. Think about it this way, if your helmet had a crack in it, would you continue to use it? I know I wouldn't because that helmet is basically useless- it is no longer structurally sound. Same with socks, shoes, or anything else that gets a lot of wear.