Friday, January 24, 2014

What's on/in My Nightstand?

So, I think this might be a bit weird but I love to see what people have in their refrigerators, bathrooms, nightstands, and bags. I always think these most used spots showcase a person, in some form or another. Therefore, today I open my nightstand to you. Enjoy! :)

I don't have the typical nightstand; instead of a separate piece of furniture I have two cupboards in a bookcase. This just made the most sense for my room as I share it with my sister. Ideally, I would have a proper nightstand and would be able to tuck away the items that I use at night. I'd also get a lamp and a dock for my charging my iPhone, which I also use as an alarm clock.

Our bookshelf nightstand. I omitted showing my sister's side because I want to respect her privacy.

My "nightstand" an open cupboard and a cupboard with a door.

The open cupboard. Maybe if I get a proper nightstand I won't have as much on display.

This is what I keep behind the closed door. When I am able to invest in a proper
nightstand some of these things will move out of here.

I don't like seeing cords next to or behind furniture.
These cable drops help discretely hide my phone
and computer chargers without making these
cable out of reach.

The minute I typed up this post, I didn't like how I organized the visible part of my nightstand. So here is the new version.

I think this looks more organized and tidy. That's the thing with organizing- you have to tinker with the process
until you find a system that works for you. Something what works today might not work tomorrow and, thus will need
adjustment. It's an ongoing process about constantly meeting changing needs. 

What's in/on your nightstand?


  1. What a smelly little penguin!

    My nightstand contains a Bible, St Augustine's Confessions, a few other reading books, ear buds, some pens, a lamp, a bell (why?), and an icon of St John the Baptist. Underneath I have a few more books that I use in the evening and a box of mailing supplies. What does this say about me? No idea!

    1. Adorable penguin. Your nightstand says just as much as your Username here does. :)