Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Trash Day Tuesday: Hangers

As I am gearing up to renovate my closet to maximize space and accommodate my growing closet, I thought this post would be relevant. Most of my clothing hangs in my closet and thus hangers are personal to me. They should be to you as well!

Why good hangers are important?
Sturdy, well structured hangers provide the best support for clothing, which helps them maintain their shape and keeps fabric in tact.

Why hanger uniformity is important?
The answer to this question is mostly based on aesthetics, with a hint of positive reinforcement. Obviously having all hangers be of the same style, color, brand, etc is pretty to look at, but it's more than just that. This uniformity, because it it visually pleasing, compels you to keep your closet neat. If something's a mess, it's harder to clean it. It something look neat, it's easier to maintain it. It's a simple change that you can make to help reinforce a behavior that is favorable.

With all this as background, let's talk about what to keep and what to toss.

To Toss //

  • Wire hangers from the dry cleaner (these are SO BAD for your clothing).
  • Broken hangers.
  • Hangers that are warped.
  • Hangers that are too big/too small.

To Keep //

  • When looking for new hangers or which hangers to keep, think about the hanger's function. You don't have to have the exact same hanger for every type of clothing. Skirts should be hung on skirt hangers, blazers should be hung on padded hangers. Keep function in mind, when choosing the proper hangers for your needs.
  • I would recommend felt, wooden, metal, or plastic hangers- all depends on what you are hanging. (Tip: If your clothing slips from the hangers, try tying a rubber band on each hanger shoulder so prevent clothing from slipping off.)


  1. I just threw out a bunch of wired hangers I accumulated from the dry cleaner myself.

    I would dissuade your readers from buying those hangers that supposedly hold multiple articles of clothing (ex. slacks). They tend to bunch up and wrinkle one's clothing.

    1. Yeah, those wired hangers are the WORST! Also, I don't mind hangers with multiple slots as long as it's a few slots. You are very right about too many slots wrinkling clothing and being inaccessible. :)