Friday, January 17, 2014

Polish Your Shoes

I have fond memories of being little and polishing my dad's shoes when we would go somewhere as a family. (Is that weird?) That said, I do not have fond memories of trying to find all the essential elements for shoe polishing! I could never find the brush or the wax- it was a nightmare. Shoe polishing is a must and I think any dapper gentleman and classy woman should always have shiny, clean shoes. For that to happen, a shoe polishing kit is in order.

You need not have a pre-made kit, you can fill your own kit with your favorite assortment of products. Your basics will be (white and/or black) shoe polish, boar hair brush (one with soft bristles and one with hard bristles), and cloth(s). My family has a few products that we like and we just place them in a container in our entryway closet. It's seriously that easy. The point is to have your kit in one spot.

Now, I'll be honest, this isn't only a shoe polishing kit. It's also a bag cleaning kit. Some of the products are
interchangeable so we keep them all in here. We use old shirts as our cloth, saddle soap for cleaning bags/salted shoes,
black and white polish for different colored shoes, mink oil (does this come from real minks?) for oiling leather, two shoehorns, and a boar bristle brush. I also don't recommend using clear containers because seeing the contents of the container isn't very nice. By the way, our basket is repurposed from a gift basket that we got from my sister's boyfriend. I love the potato sack/linen and the hand shaped metal basket- sort of reminds me of when my family used to harvest potatoes from our backyard. 

Another view of the basket. Note, it isn't filled to the brim- keep it simple and light. You don't want to be
fumbling through products when you are in a rush or have products expire. It's about ease and simplicity. 

We neatly store the shoe polishing basket on a shelf  in our
entrance way closet where we hang our coats.
What do you keep in your shoe polishing kit?


  1. I have two kits. One is contain in a very large wooden box that has a short of ramp atop it where one can place the shoe at an angle for detailed polishing.

    1. Yes! Those angled wooden boxes are wonderful! They also prevent pants from getting polish on them if you are polishing with your trousers on. I would HIGHLY recommend people to get those- good comment! :)